German Masters Snooker Live – Jude Trump and Sam Craigie battle Chi Jia in the final.

2057 – Back after a break

And what a great frame it is.

Trump 3-1 Craigie

Trump has crossed the line and we are in the gap. He will be happy to be up front after not playing near his best.

Trump 2-1 Craig (51-9)

It's a frame that feels like it's been going on all evening — and we still have a way to go.

Trump 2-1 Craig (45-5)

Trump is another. He really gives Craigie a chance in this game.

Trump 2-1 Craigie (15-5)

Another nice long pot from Trump, followed by another sloppy miss. Yet he left nothing behind.

Trump 2-1 Craig (9-0)

Trump with a fantastic long pot but tries to clip the hard yellow in the left pocket, now opening the table for his opponent.

Trump 2-1 Craig (8-0)

Trump gets the first opportunity to open the law, but moves out of position and plays it safe.

Trump 2-1 Craigie

The favorite takes a third frame that could have gone either way. Could it be important?

Trump 1-1 Craigie (60-63)

Careless or unfortunate. Probably both. Craigie painted yellow but went in when trying to snooker on the green. Trump is now set to clarify.

Trump 1-1 Craigie (53-61)

Another trump error gives Craigie a chance, but he can't get the last red-to-yellow position, so it's still up for grabs.

Trump 1-1 Craig (48-38)

He can't completely destroy Red, but Craigie has put himself back in the frame.

Trump 1-1 Craig (48-0)

It seemed that Trump would not waste his second chance, but once again he left a black mark on the jaws, this time in the lower left corner. Craigie now has a chance.

Trump 1-1 Craig (11-0)

Trump is first on the table, but can't make a big break.

Trump 1-1 Craigie

That will certainly give Craigie confidence. He didn't want to give up a big lead early on.

Trump 1-0 Craigie (15-64)

Trump leaves a ball on the jaw this time, the black ball, and Craigie will now tie the game.

Trump 1-0 Craigie (7-47)

It was a poor pot in the bottom right pocket and Craigie deliberated before taking it, eventually hitting the ball on the jaw. Now Trump has a chance to punish him.

Trump 1-0 Craigie (1-33)

The balls aren't in the most inviting position, but Craigie makes a potential frame-winning break.

Trump 1-0 Craigie

Craigie agreed after Trump left wanting more snookers.

Trump 0-0 Craigie (64-6)

Trump 0-0 Craigie (19-6)

A nice red in the middle is channeling Trump, who looks more comfortable right now.

Trump 0-0 Craig (8-6)

After a couple of fouls, Craigie settled himself before putting in a good defense in red and blue.

Trump 0-0 Craigie (4-0)

Craigie's early nerves clip into Brown as he tries to pass the red on the far side of the table.

1902 – Trump is introduced to a great roar

There is still some appreciative snooker to play in front of the spectators.

1850 – The second semi-final soon began

Jude Trump meets tournament sensation Sam Craigie at the snooker cauldron in Berlin. The couple will be hitting the road soon.

Let's see if we meet SI in the final tonight

Sam Craigie knocked out defending champion Ali Carter in the last eight, but he still has a tough task against Judd Trump, who beat John Higgins to reach the semi-finals. The action begins in 1900 and we will accompany you. Thanks for joining us this afternoon for Si's classic session.

SI won the final 6-3

Tomorrow he will reach the final in the rankings for the first time. Ten months when he was so close to The Crucible.

SI 5-3 Wilson (73-24)

Si pots are blue – and flukes are pink!

SI 5-3 Wilson (62-24)

Si nails the long green and he's now going to win the match, although Wilson still won't concede.

SI 5-3 Wilson (58-24)

Si yellow pots and it's still an uphill struggle for Wilson.

SI 5-3 Wilson (56-24)

Wilson did well to get the red, but missed the blue, which would have only allowed him to tie the frame. Now he needs snookers.

SI 5-3 Wilson (56-15)

Lucky not to go in-off from a red and now Si has left Wilson with a tricky snooker.

SI 5-3 Wilson (55-10)

At the second attempt Wilson was out of snooker. All four reds are by balk cushion. Si needs two to win the match

SI 5-3 Wilson (47-10)

An accurate pot Si with black covering half of the pocket can now be set up for a win.

SI 5-3 Wilson (39-10)

Si had some luck making a lead on the red, but missed the pink to keep the frame open.

Check out another famous SI shot

He entertains us this afternoon.

SI 5-3 Wilson (0-10)

Breakup, erm, breakup and the pair now have another security exchange.

SI 5-3 Wilson (0-4)

Wilson nailed a long pot from the baulk and took it to the middle of a dangerous green setting himself up for a big score.

SI 5-3 Wilson

Wilson pots in pink to end the 38-minute frame.

SI 5-2 Wilson (38-57)

Si protects a snooker. One has to go.

SI 5-2 Wilson (33-57)

Leaving the green on top of the Si pocket, Wilson puts himself in good position to defend the tricky brown, which he does, and now the Chinese player needs snookers.

SI 5-2 Wilson (33-50)

A fascinating security exchange takes place. Both players knew how important the next two balls would be.

Check out SI's fantastic long pot


'That's what he does!' – Si enables a bold and 'cool' long pot

SI 5-2 Wilson (33-50)

The gap ends on the green, and he now leaves it for Wilson – although the green is also in a tricky position.

SI 5-2 Wilson (7-50)

Another fantastic pot, this time in a blue color, Si is evident here.

SI 5-2 Wilson (0-49)

A margin of 49 runs favors Wilson.

SI 5-2 Wilson (0-7)

Si misses a long red for the first time in a while and Wilson is now at the table.

SI 5-2 Wilson

Another elegant long red has Si in the final frame.

SI 4-2 Wilson (64-12)

Wilson returns to the table after Si's 55. He needs three snookers.

SI 4-2 Wilson (10-12)

A couple of loose shots from both players in this crucial frame and now Si have a chance to build on the lead.

SI 4-2 Wilson

He missed out on the century but will be happy with that 90, which Wilson now stands against.

SI 3-2 Wilson (82-0)

Frame won, can Si score back-to-back centuries?

SI 3-2 Wilson (1-0)

He is currently taking all the shots. A punching shot from the Falk cushion pot sends a red into the bottom right corner and he's on another run.

SI 3-2 Wilson

A total of 138 clearances from Si, including an amazing spider in yellow after he lost position.

SI 3-2 Wilson

A total of 138 clearances from Si, including an amazing spider in yellow after he lost position.

SI 2-2 Wilson (72-0)

He looks like a different player now. The frame is won and Si can get a total of 138 clearances here.

SI 2-2 Wilson (0-0)

Si leads us again.

SI 2-2 Wilson

SI 1-2 Wilson (55-24)

A break of 54, his best, gives Si the advantage in the frame before the break.

SI 1-2 Wilson (0-24)

Britt plays a decent shot to set up a chance to build a lead, but once again unlucky to split the red pack, it's the end of the break.

SI 1-2 Wilson

Wilson agreed, leaving a red on top of the pocket.

SI 0-2 Wilson (67-16)

An interval of 34 will certainly get the Si third frame. Wilson needs two snookers to tie.

Watch Wilson's extraordinary fluke from the second frame


'What an extraordinary fluke!' – Wilson gets great luck with a double try

SI 0-2 Wilson (25-16)

A chaotic frame. Both missed many balls that should have been put. C is capable of returning to the game with his best defensive play – if his break building returns to normal.

SI 0-2 Wilson (0-16)

A different shot selection from Wilson, when he unfortunately broke the reds and didn't set up an easy drink, he tried to play a cushion on a red near the bottom red pocket but didn't even make contact with the last ball. In the plant.

SI 0-2 Wilson (0-5)

Wilson has already nailed a brilliant long red on the table, setting up the chance for a big break.

SI 0-2 Wilson

The former champion takes the second frame and early lead. Both had chances in the second frame but it was Wilson who got lucky with a fluke red to help him in the second frame.

SI 0-1 Wilson

Wilson took the first frame with a break of 97 runs.

SI 0-0 Wilson

We are in the first semi-final.

1300 – Hello and welcome!

Thanks for joining the German Masters semi-finals live. We kick off this afternoon with coverage of the first last four clash with Kyren Wilson meeting Chi Jiahui

Craigie defeated defending champion Carter to record his first semi-final berth

After making a run to the Masters final, Carter had high hopes of winning the tournament for the third time in his career.

But Craigie was not given a chance as he dominated from the start and played rock-solid snooker to win the last four matches 5-1.

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