Geospatial technology key in the development of Puertos del Estado's new corporate visitor

Esri SpainCompany Geographic Information Systems (its abbreviation GIS in English), is constructed Corporate Geography Portal of State Ports It brings it all together Maritime information from a state-owned port system. This is Deep experience Thanks is possible ArcGIS Online System From Esri that provides this complete solution and data in the cloud.

new „State Port Inspector“Focus All information in one executable viewerPuertos del Estado's corporate style is completely faithful to the guide and has a quick implementation without the need for custom developments.

Functions of State Port Inspector

In it, users have access Data related to each port authority And Different ports Statistics such as cargo tonnage, passenger traffic, the number of ships passing through the area or the activity of fishing boats make it up.

The program provides a A reliable 2D and 3D view of the regionare synchronized with each other at all times, and this is a A comprehensive picture of all port infrastructure and easy access to complete information on all its components.

Additionally, the viewer allows you to disable and enable layers Maximum realism Buildings, lighthouses, harbors and service areas that make up the authorities.

to help company in comparison and Data analysisThe interactive map model allows to increase the depth of knowledge about the interaction of the environment and port areas, as well as to make better decisions Create simulations, Use analytical tools Y Make predictions.

Inside 3D functionality Representations can be made based on weather conditions, the amount of light at different times of the day, and the influence of these parameters on the environment. It also allows you to know visible and low visibility areas from any selected point.

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Also, the platform offers potential View informationto create Comparison of data evolution Over the years and Data export in different forms.

Finally, users can also access through the viewer Public Documents of State Ports Its corporate document, statistical yearbook, its management report, port services market survey, sustainability report, its national strategic plan framework and its service areas etc.

System also gives Access to the AtoN portal, monthly statistics, annual reports, portals and environmental scorecard. As an added value, the viewer Focuses on use at events and exhibitions.

Esri GIS System

An intuitive tool to use ArcGIS Story Mapsfunctionality of the Esri ArcGIS system, which allows you to create Interactive story, attractive and easy to share, making it the port authority's tour of the entire peninsula. The project has the ambition to continue to grow by incorporating new information sources and tools.

Looking to the future, that is to be expected Perform integration of BIM models (Building Information Modelling) With GIS from Esri Spain Get a Deep understanding of port infrastructureas well as incorporating new information models, functions, layers and services.

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