Geoffrey Hinton, the „father of artificial intelligence,” quits Google and warns of the dangers of the new technology.

Jeff Hinton is known as the „Father of Deep Learning”.

Geoffrey Hinton has spent his career researching neural networks, a mathematical and computational system that learns skills through data analysis. Started the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

As Google and Microsoft face aggressive competition to develop AI-based products like the popular ChatGPT, Hinton joins a chorus of critics warning that technology threatens humanity.

„I console myself with the usual excuse: If I hadn’t done it, someone else would have.”The 75-year-old British computer scientist, known as the „father of artificial intelligence,” said in an interview published Monday by a US newspaper. The New York Times.

After resigning from his job at Google, Hinton shared his fears about the development of technology that could outperform the human brain.

„I don’t think we should expand it further until we understand if they can control it.”said Hinton, who won the Turing Prize, the Nobel Prize for computing, in 2018 with two of his students.

He believes that as companies improve their AI, systems will become more and more dangerous. Look how it was five years ago and how it is now. „Take the odds and plan ahead. It’s scary.”

Logos of two chatbots

Logos of two chatbots

Google and Microsoft

First, Hinton examines the impact AI can have on the consumption of digital content. His immediate concern was meThe Internet will be filled with fake photos, videos, and text, and the average user „can’t tell what’s real anymore.”.

According to him, until last year Google had been „very responsible” and a „good steward” of AI, taking care not to release harmful products.

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However, Microsoft’s expansion of its Bing search engine with chatbots, challenging Google’s core business, has sparked a race among tech giants that it says is „unstoppable”.

After the interview was published, Hinton clarified on Twitter that he did not resign to criticize Google. „In fact, I’m out to talk about the dangers of AI without considering how it affects Google.”

„Killer Robots”

Another concern for Hinton is how AI will revolutionize the labor market. Instead of filling people, it transforms them In countless trades where routine work is done.

„It takes a heavy nap,” but „can carry more than that,” he said.

Man working on computer

AI could create a game changer in job applications.

His greatest concern is that future technologies threaten humanity Truly autonomous weapons such as „killer robots” are being developed..

Additional news that may interest you:

AI systems „often learn unexpected behavior from the large amounts of data they analyze,” he explained. „People and organizations are enabling AI systems to not only create their own code, but also to run that code themselves.”

„Some bought into the idea that these things might turn out to be smarter than people,” he said. „But most people thought it was too far, and I thought it was too far. I thought it would be 30-50 years or more. Obviously I don’t think so anymore„.

Although this is a hypothetical threat, Hinton predicts that the competition between Google, Microsoft and other companies will become a global race without international regulations.

Unlike nuclear weapons, There is no way to know if companies or countries are secretly working on AI.

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Their biggest hope is for the world’s leading scientists to collaborate on ways to control this technology.

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