generative AI applied to investment services; This is Segabank’s bet

Cecabank has announced in its community Participation in a controlled trial setting (Sand box) promoted by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) for the digital transformation of the financial system. It will do Next fintech GPT Consultant. In this sense, it is noteworthy that this is the only artificial intelligence (AI)-based financial innovation program selected by the supervisory body to date.

The project will be objective Explore the benefits and potential of generative AI applied to the delivery of investment services, by implementing multiple use cases that have different objectives. Among them, Facilitating information access through natural language, reducing time in search and analysis of product information processes and bringing financial education closer to users Improving its accessibility and availability. All this under the protection of new regulations on investment services such as MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments) or RIS (Retail Investment Strategy).

The initiative represents a „very relevant step” for the bank in adopting cutting-edge technological advancements across its value chain. By adopting new functions based on generative AI, Cecabank aims to complement and increase the capabilities of its investment platform and its product portfolio..

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