’General Hospital’ Production Designer 80 – Variety

Longtime „General Hospital” production designer and art director Chip Dax died on Aug. 15. He is 80 years old.

Dax worked as a production designer in daytime television for over 27 years. He worked on „Days of Our Lives” for 17 years and won an Emmy Award for Best Set Direction in 1997. Throughout his career, his work has ranged from designing home interiors to simulating natural disasters. He worked on designing and renovating the nurses’ ball station on „General Hospital” and won another Emmy for his work before retiring in 2015.

Dax attended Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University, and gained experience in local theater. He served two years in the Army before returning to his alma mater as a teacher. Despite the rejection letters, he moved west and made his way in Hollywood.

Dax also helped shape tours for iconic artists including Elton John, The Beach Boys, Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire and Jackson Browne. Additionally, he worked with Tracey Ullman on her sitcom „Tracey Takes On” and the Lifetime comedy series „Oh Baby.”

Dax lived with his family in La Cañada, California, in a house called Windblown Manor, where he and his wife, Jean Haney, produced „Days of Our Lives.” He is survived by his daughters Morgan Dax, Katie Segal, Haley Dax-Dacosta and stepmother Megan Younger and their families.

Donations may be made in his memory World Central KitchenA system that makes sense for docs.

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