Gay „What does a transsexual’s genitalia look like?”

In an attempt to debunk the age-old (and most Googled) question, “What does a transgender woman’s genitalia look like?”, a gay YouTube star has teamed up with a Canadian transgender vlogger. Julie Wu (Princess Jules), filming her first experience with „Poussey, Kitty, 'Gina, whatever you call it.”

He said: “I have a special screening of Princess Jules’ genitalia.

„Full disclosure, I’ve seen a vagina before — actually a couple of my lesbian friends’ cunts.

He added: „But it was far away… I’m so excited to see another one!”

Wu explained: “You’re going to see a man-made vagina. It’s like the Ferrari of all vaginas.

However, when it came down to reality, the YouTuber was quite surprised at the hair removal.

Davy Wavey said: “Oh my goodness. It’s too shaved… it’s too shaved! It looks like baldness.

„It’s like this moment—we make such a big deal about these body parts, but you look at it, it could be a fingernail or an elbow. It’s a vagina, it’s there!

„There’s this idea that it’s an adult part, or it’s private, or dirty, and you shouldn’t show it to people… but it’s a part of your body.”

He added: „When I looked at the other two yonis they looked very different from each other, and yours is also different.”

Vu added: „No vagina is really the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and materials.

„I feel proud. I feel really good about my body now – I used to be very ashamed of my body. I was very self-conscious, I would tape myself every day and have scars and tears. I would bleed.

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„To wake up and not have to go through it, it’s so liberating. I feel free. I feel like a butterfly that’s hatched.

So, to conclude: „What does a transsexual’s genitalia look like?” Well, it looks like a vagina.

This article was originally published in 2015 and was updated in 2023.

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