(G) I-Dle joins Aespa and Le Sserafim with their new Billboard 200 album

More than a dozen new releases debut on this week’s Billboard 200 chart, and (G)I-dle’s latest offering is among the most popular albums and EPs in the group. Entering their new set number, the South Korean band reaches a new milestone and finds themselves in the company of some of the most successful female acts from their home country.

(G)I-dle’s EP I feel It debuted at number 41 on this week’s Billboard 200, missing their first top 40 spot. That album still propels them to a new peak on the charts. It was their only appearance on the Billboard 200 I love In 2022, it reached its lowest point—No. 71.

I feel Debuting at No. 41 on the Billboard 200, it shifted fewer than 18,500 equivalent units in its first full frame.

The five members of (G)I-dle are undoubtedly celebrating their latest achievement. By charting on the Billboard 200, they not only improved their own status and reached new heights, but also elevated their position on the all-time list of the most successful K-pop girl groups in US history.

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With two titles on the Billboard 200 now added to their discography, (G)I-dle has made the third-most appearances on the chart among South Korean girl groups.

Currently, (G)I-dle finds themselves on the same level as Aespa and Le Sserafim, two recently popular and successful K-pop girl groups that have made a significant impact in America since the beginning. While (G)I-dle has been steadily building their career over the years, it was only recently that they managed to make a mark on the Billboard 200.

Before (G)I-dle, Aespa and Le Sserafim were two K-pop girl groups that helped pave the way for everyone’s success. Blackpink and Itzy, each with four different projects, have scored even bigger hits on the Billboard 200. Notably, BLACKPINK is the only K-pop girl group charted at no. 1, making it among a select few South Koreans. Working to accomplish this feat.

Before this week, (G)I-dle was on par with many other K-pop girl groups, with only one appearance on the Billboard 200. However, with their latest release, they’ve surpassed all of that—for now. Names like 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, Girls’ Generation-TDS (credited as a separate group), Luna, and Enmix have all achieved a single entry on the Billboard 200, though few may add to that amount soon.

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