French-Saudi collaboration at Alula explored—more art news

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SCHIELE RECONSTRUCTION WAR. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office It has filed a 160-page petition accusing Art Institute of Chicago „Preference Blindness” in Determining Contestant Evidence Egon Scheele Long argued that it was looted by the Nazis, reports said The New York Times. New York investigators want AIC to act again Russian prisoner of war For the heirs of the former owner, Fritz Grünbaum, who died in a Nazi concentration camp, however, until now, the company has refused, winning two federal court battles because, according to the courts, restitution requests came late. But NYC investigators say the agency ignores the fake provenance documents attached to the map and urges other museums that have recently returned Schiele paintings from the Gruenbaum collection to follow suit.

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A study of the French-Saudi partnership. French company Of courseA deal was made to help Saudi Arabia Royal Commission on Al-Ula (RCU) Desert city of Al-Ula faces increased scrutiny and censorship, reports say the world. The news comes amid recent arrests on corruption charges Amr al-Madani, former CEO of RCU. President-appointed in July of Afalula, a former French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le DrianSaudi Arabia ordered the censure of Afalullah at the same time it monitored al-Madani. Le Monde's Investigation. Correspondent Roxana Azimi reveals that Afalullah's budget has doubled to about $65 million by 2023, and details the French agency's lobbying efforts to secure development contracts in the region, which angered al-Madani. In a follow up Report Azimi reveals today that Saudi Arabia is ready to make good on its 2018 promise to fund the restoration of French monuments and museums.

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DahomeyDirector's Documentary Dear Diop About Looted African Art, wins first place Golden Bear Prize in By Berlin Film festival. In the film, a statue describes the return from France to the native country Kingdom of Dahomey in Benin. „To rebuild we must first reorganize,” Diop told reporters. [France 24 and AFP]

New group Art Not Genocide Alliance (ANGA) This year petitions to exclude Israel Venice Biennale. The petition is titled „No Genocide Pavilion at the Venice Biennale” and has reportedly received more than 4,000 signatures. [BNN Breaking]

The NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) Announced $52.2 million in awards to 1,000 NYC nonprofit cultural organizations. Recipients included Red Hook Art Project IncAnd this Bronx Art SpaceA few names. [The Art Newspaper]

Mark BaxterFormer Director T National Portrait Gallery In Washington, who helped diversify and modernize the company, dies at 80. [The New York Times]

A rare, covered and forgotten early mural was painted Hegard Richter has reappeared in Dresden Health Museum, Germany, and will be exhibited to the public. Richter painted the mural as a student in 1956, and it was closed in 1979. [The Art Newspaper France]

A 754-foot-tall rock salt mine beneath the Portuguese city of Loule has been turned into an art gallery. Compina de Cima Launched „Ocean: Sea is Life”, a group show featuring Portuguese artists David Melgro AssociationFeb. On the 17th. [Artnet News]

The French city of Brest claims to have built the world's longest „fresco” at a cost of more than 250,000. Legos, 21 meters, or about 68.9 feet. Thousands of people participated to create the city's historic Lego landscape. Notre-Dame-de-Rumengol cargo ship, hoping to raise funds to restore it. [Le Figaro and AFP]

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Rembrandt intrigue. 17 isTh– Century painting Worship of kings By the way Rembrandt? The New York Times Rembrandt explores the ongoing debate surrounding the Holy Grail-like search for attributions. This painting was initially sold Christie's As the work of a master-painter's associate, it is valued at $17,000. But when Rembrandt Buffs began to suspect otherwise, the work sold for nearly $1 million. It was eventually attributed to Rembrandt in a 62-page catalog Sotheby's, including seven expert opinions and X-ray analysis, the results continue to differ on the issue. Still, that wasn't enough to offset sales of $13.8 million two months ago.

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