Fourth and Final Edition of Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets'


SINGAPORE — Taylor Swift announced the fourth and final edition of „The Tortured Poets Department” on Sunday night in the Southeast Asian city.

„I wanted to show you something that nobody's ever seen,” Swift said during her surprise set before performing a fourth variation called „The Black Dog.”

The back of the album artwork reads, „Old habits die by screaming.”

Swift broke her usual routine on the first night in town of her New Eras Tour. His account went live on Saturday with the caption „A message from the department,” but no announcement. Instead it happened at two in the morning in Singapore.

On the first night in Tokyo, Swift said she wanted to announce her 11th album, but instead told the world after winning her 13th Grammy. One night in Melbourne, he announced a second cover with „The Boulder”. In Sydney, he debuted a third cover with the song „The Albatross”. On the back of each of these versions are different breakup phrases: „I love you and it's ruining my life,” „You can't tell me about sadness,” and „Am I allowed to cry?”

The original album consisted of 17-songs and two collaborations with Post Malone and Florence and the Machine. The bonus track is called „The Manuscript”.

Swift will perform four more nights at the National Stadium in Singapore before taking a two-month break. The album will be released when he returns to Paris in May for the Eras Tour.

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