Four operators were approved for the tender for 5G technology in Colombia

New opportunities for bidding have opened up 5G technology in Colombia. In a recent report, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has provided a list of four companies interested in bidding for radio spectrum for this technology in the country.

According to the communication, the following companies have already been officially authorized to participate in this process: Comcell Cellular Communication (clear), Telecall Columbia SAS (Promise of Future Society), Partners Colombia (WOM) Y Provisional Union Colombia Mobile – Telefonica According to the MinTIC final application evaluation report, operators seeking to manage this advanced technology and they were accepted in the permit allocation process.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Mauricio Liscano, assured that the process has been developed transparently and within established deadlines. Furthermore, Liscano highlighted that the implementation of 5G technology is increasing in Colombia, indicating a significant improvement in the field of communication.

It is estimated that implementing the necessary infrastructure for 5G technology could take anywhere from 12 to 36 months, with the aim of connecting roughly. 54 percent of the Colombian population For this next generation network. Let’s remember that this is a technology that is already available in various countries around the world, which seeks to increase connectivity in Colombia.

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