Flood management in Dakar: World Bank increases its support to reach 184,000 people – Senegal

Washington, June 29, 2023 – The World Bank has approved $135 million in financing for Senegal to reduce and anticipate flood risks in areas surrounding Dakar by strengthening urban planning and management capacities.

This funding is the second funding awarded to the Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Program 2 (PROGEP 2). This is expected to help strengthen the flood resilience of the target areas.

“Initial funding for PROGEP 2 has already resulted in the construction of over 14 km of primary and secondary canals, protecting 55,000 people and 345 hectares from flooding. Following these encouraging results, we believe this additional funding can provide structural solutions to mitigate the impacts of heavy rainfall in priority urban areas identified by the Government of Senegal. said Keiko Miwa, World Bank Country Director for Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal

„Through this additional funding to PROGEP 2, additional drainage works are planned for the northern part of Keur Massar in the Mbeubeuss catchment, including 11.7 km of primary and secondary collectors and 10 rainwater catchment basins with a storage capacity of 165,200 m3. Koonun-Sangalgam is an integral part of the Lilac Lake catchment. A sub-catchment, 27.35 km of primary collectors, 6 retention basins, total capacity of 120,000 m3 is planned. As well as an outlet to the sea,” he said Isabel Celine Kane, Program Manager, World Bank.

Where possible, additional funding will include nature-based solutions such as green corridors or green spaces around urban drainage structures. At the same time, it should protect wetlands from future construction with beneficial effects related to climate change adaptation and resilience.

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The project’s original 2026 completion date has been moved up by three years to July 2029.

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Press Release No: 2023/088/AFW

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