Fans Over The Moon As NCT Dreams’ ISDJ MV Crosses 30 Million Views On YouTube

NCT Dream, the high-spirited sub-unit of NCT, has successfully returned to the music scene after a seven-month hiatus. Their latest album, ISTJ, took the world by storm, mesmerizing fans and music lovers alike. Released on July 17 at 6pm KST, the album’s title track quickly became a fan favorite, amassing over 30 million views on YouTube. The song is trending worldwide on Twitter.

The title track of the album, ISTJ, comes from personality type, which refers to introversion, perceiving, thinking, and judging. Interestingly, the song brings together the distinct characteristics of ISTJ and ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Sensing and Perceptive) personalities and shows the extraordinary teamwork that comes into play when their unique characteristics come together in the world of music.

„Younger and faster” – fans praise NCT Dream ISTJ The MV has crossed 30 million views on YouTube

Music video within two days of its release It has crossed 30 million views on YouTube. It crossed 2 million streams on MelOn on its launch day. The album broke the first-day sales record of their senior group EXO’s latest album has.

Comprised of a total of 10 tracks, including the vibrant title track of the same name, the album beautifully portrays the multifaceted beauty of NCT DREAM. from broken melodies, Yogurt Shake Skateboard, And blue wave, to do Poison, SOS Pretzel (♡), Starry Night, And Like We Just MetThe album offers a diverse musical journey that captures the essence of NCT DREAM’s artistry.

The title track’s magnetic appeal lies in its hip-hop dance style and heartfelt and powerful lyrics. The members are seen in vibrant, fluorescent and modern outfits and the light play in the music video gives each member a chance to shine.

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The ISTJ The MV currently has over 35 million views on YouTube and many fans took to social media to praise the idols for their legendary feat.

Report for the 10-fan boy group called Nuku Group, „the 4th best-selling artist in Hanteo’s history” They definitely teach me to follow my dream and never give up because our effort will pay off better one day. Thanks to 7dream………

As part of their well-planned promotional plans, NCT DREAM held a spectacular showcase to celebrate the album’s release on July 17 at 8pm KST at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. The event was a global affair, streamed simultaneously on NCT DREAM’s YouTube channel and NCT’s TikTok channel, connecting fans around the world.

And to showcase their new and unstoppable momentum, NCT DREAM is set to perform the title track. On Mnet M CountdownIt will be taped on July 19 at 10pm KST and broadcast the next day.

Adding to the excitement, the album’s photo covers feature two unique themes, each depicting the members as ISTJ or ENFP, adding a personalized touch to the fan experience.

The group’s return with a new album has undeniably delighted K-pop fans. Their global fan base seems to be expanding and their innovative approach to music makes them stand out as trailblazers in the industry.

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