Familia Martínez is committed to digitization in making and implementing strategic decisions

For this purpose, Familia Martinez established a Solid and modern technology infrastructure including cloud servers and advanced cyber security solutions. Using technologies such as RPA and integrated ERP systems, its internal processes are highly automated, „which has significantly improved our operational efficiency,” explains Lopez. “We have started down the path of becoming a company data driven, Our strategic decisions are based on analytical data.”

In this journey, the company has focused Six strategic areas: technology infrastructure, automation and operational efficiency, innovation, digital capabilities, data-based decision-making and cyber security. But to get to this point, the brand had to face important challenges that can be categorized into three basic categories: technical, functional and innovative. In the technology department, “we had to integrate systems legacy With advanced technologies. Operationally, it is critical to automate our manufacturing process and guarantee the quality, safety and traceability of our products. Also, in the field of innovation, the market must develop increasingly tasty, healthy and sustainable products.

Technology meets business

The growth the company has achieved over the years requires constant adaptation. According to Lopez, in an introductory way, “We started with an outsourced IT service which has now evolved into our own comprehensive systems department with over 20 professionals.”. In addition to having two physical servers, “we’ve got over 200 virtual servers and over 100 specific applications. From single Router Internet release to multiple dedicated MPLS channels for connectivity between our companies and various lines backup, And from 20 technology groups to more than 800 assets. For its part, in production lines, the change is „bad”, as the company „moves from a completely manual production process to industrial lines as a benchmark in Europe, with more than 40 automated production lines . Strictly, „We’ve evolved from 'fixing computers’ to working with the business to make and execute strategic decisions.”

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