Exploring Advances in Digital Printing: Carajet at Sima 2024

Costello. From February 26 to March 8, 2024, the Garagejet facilities in Almazora, Castellón became a center of innovation. During this period, CIMA (Spanish Industrial Machine) offers an exceptional opportunity to enter the world of industrial technology in Spain.

Organized by leading innovation company Kerajet, SIMA is more than just a technology fair; It is a showcase of the latest developments and solutions implemented in the industrial sector. Visitors will have the opportunity to see demonstrations, explore exhibitions and participate in meetings with Spanish companies participating in the ceramic machinery industry.

Sima, Technology and Industrial Innovation

CIMA's basic objective is to showcase the technological and innovation potential of Spanish companies. Also, it seeks to present the latest industry developments and technologies shaping the market. The event is in line with Keraget's strategy to strengthen its bond with national and international customers who trust its machines.

Kerajet's highlights include a fully synchronized digital line with material applications that deliver stunning 3D effects, digital reliefs, high definition (UHD) decoration and more.

With the K10 600dpi head, Kerajet guarantees high output for applications, the only head in the world that accepts particles up to 8 microns. And with the K9 head, the company offers the targeted use of grid to create reliefs, three-dimensional designs and special effects depending on the properties of the solid material. Its Visio IC centering system recognizes dimensions, shapes and angles of rotation, positioning the print in all applications; And its online write/read QR code system allows parts to be identified, enabling print synchronization across applications. This system is recognized as the only system in the world that actually works for any format.

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State-of-the-art technology and 100% Spanish

Kerajet's commitment to innovation and excellence is also reflected in its pressing and firing solutions, including Kerapress, a roller compactor/roller that offers high productivity and low operating costs; and Faraday, Keraget's environmentally and sustainable ceramic firing, using a quick-start, high-energy-efficiency electric oven.

Since its establishment in 1998, Kerajet has been at the forefront of digital print design, exhibiting a continuous commitment to evolution and innovation in the market.

In this second edition of SIMA, Keraget hopes to surprise again with new technologies in ceramic machinery that will mark the progress of ceramic production in the future.

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