Erik ten Hoag still has a clear transfer priority despite the Manchester United player’s progress

Harry Maguire is on loan at Manchester United despite his Champions League heroics.

The former captain, who was brutally stripped of the mantle this summer, was on his way to West Ham after United accepted an offer worth around £30million for his services. At that point the end was close for the England regular and he had to make an important decision.

With another big match on the horizon, Maguire knew he would be limited to limited opportunities if he turned down a transfer, but this is the right path the 30-year-old has chosen to go down. With that risk come huge, but unlikely, rewards and the unsavory centre-back is now reaping them.

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Despite having one foot out the door this summer, it’s fantastic to see Maguire doing so well. His rise is a real credit to his mental strength and no one, let alone a player so committed to the cause, deserves as much criticism as Maguire in recent times.

Of course, there is always room for subjective and constructive evaluation, but in some circles it has devolved into abuse and should not be tolerated. Maguire isn’t going to be the most famous player around, granted, however he has proven time and time again what he can do in an England shirt.

You could make an incredibly strong case for ignoring his long-term United credentials – and Erik ten Hoag appeared to do just that when he was transferred – but in the here and now the manager and one-time captain complement each other perfectly. What they want.

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