Enrique Caballero, Glencore’s Regional Technology Manager: „Testing is key to scale more safely and create more value”

The executive participated in Minexcellence 2023, a conference that brings together experts, professionals and academics so that they can learn and analyze the strategies and tools that allow them to improve, improve and excel the quality of the mining business worldwide.

At the eighth edition of the Minexcellence 2023 conference, Enrique Caballero, Glencore’s regional technology manager, highlighted the key relevance of testing in the technology implementation process, saying, „Testing is key to scaling more safely with lower risks. Create more value in the industry.

In the world of technology, testing is a vital component. Caballero highlighted that people are the fundamental pillar of any cultural change, and emphasized that the method involves various professions, as it is used not only to confirm technical elements, but also to evaluate mechanisms and reduce negative externalities. „Our goal is always to minimize risks, and that’s the purpose of testing, both in terms of investment and implementation,” he said.

The Glencore executive highlighted the importance of implementing new technologies, prioritizing capital in projects that offer greater safety. From Glencore’s perspective at Lomas Bios, Caballero shared his experiences with the engineering implementation projects required to convince investors and develop pilot projects. Likewise, he emphasized that speed is the key element in which a multinational company’s own projects outperform its competitors and adapt to different environments.

Lomaslab was chosen as an experimental site based on its low quality and solid cultural base. In addition to its proximity to the city of Antofagasta that facilitates relationships with suppliers. These factors allow Glencore to test various aspects, from autonomy to digitization and decarbonization.

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Caballero highlighted that successful testing makes it possible to expand programs to new locations and adapt to specific contexts. „It’s important to adapt projects once they scale,” he stressed.

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