Educational technology advances in Aguascalientes

Aguscalientes is celebrating significant progress in the education sector by providing 30,000 computers in elementary and secondary schools, underscoring Governor Terre Jimenez's commitment to equipping youth with cutting-edge technology tools.

The move follows distribution of 13,000 computers to teachers, strengthening of computer labs and improving educational efficiency in the state.

Technology Empowerment for Quality Education

The Aguascalientes Education Institute (IEA) and the Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Government (SIGOD) work together to help students and teachers benefit from technology in the education sector.

The aim is to make the best use of the possibilities offered by technology and keep Aguscalientes at the forefront of education in the country.

Government and education support for the future

In a symbolic act at Public Secondary School No. 9 „Amato Nervo”, government and educational representatives presented equipment to various institutions, demonstrating strong support for technical education.

This joint venture ensures that Aguscalientes' academic community has access to state-of-the-art technology resources.

A commitment to academic excellence

The program not only provides students with the necessary tools for academic and professional development, but also emphasizes Aguascalientes' commitment to innovation and academic quality.

The vision is clear: integrating technology into the learning process to prepare students for future challenges.

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