Dune 2 is one of the most brilliant sci-fi movies ever made

Steven Spielberg had nothing but praise when he interviewed Denis Villeneuve in the latest episode of „Toon: Part Two.” DGA's “Director's Cut” podcast. The Oscar winner told Villeneuve, „You've made one of the most amazing sci-fi movies I've ever seen,” a huge compliment coming from behind „ET: Extra Terrestrial” and „Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Spielberg's only accolade for the „Dune” director. It is not.

„It's an honor to sit here and talk to you,” Spielberg said. „Let me start by saying that there are filmmakers who create worlds. It's not a long list, and we know who many of them are. Starting with [Georges] Melis and Disney and Kubrick, George Lucas. Ray Harryhausen I would add to that list. Fellini created his own world. Tim Burton. Obviously Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Guillermo del Toro. The list goes on, but it is not a long list, and I deeply, deeply believe that you are one of its newest members.

Villeneuve was outraged to receive such praise from one of the greatest directors of all time. Spielberg called the scene where Paul rides the sandworm for the first time in „Dune: Part Two” a notable success.

„It's a desert-loving story, but for such a desert-loving film there's a longing for water in this film,” Spielberg said. “For all the sand you have in this picture, it's really about the water. Holy water longing for green meadows and blue waters of life. You picture the desert as the sea, the ocean. Sandworms were like sea snakes. Surfing sand dunes is one of the biggest things I've ever seen. Always! But you have made the desert like a liquid.

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Variety It was previously reported that Villeneuve took 44 days to film the sandworm riding scene. The crew built the worm as a set piece 90 feet long and 24 feet wide. The film's cinematographer, Craig Fraser, read the script and said, „How are we going to do it?” I remembered thinking that.

„In the book, Paul rides a sandworm, and if we're not careful, it can be a weird concept,” Fraser said. „So we made sure to be very careful [that] The audience never had a clue to suspend their disbelief.

„Dune: Part Two” was a hit with critics and audiences alike. The film is approaching $240 million at the domestic box office and has crossed $570 million worldwide. Presented by Warner Bros., the film continues to play in theaters nationwide.

Hear the full conversation between Spielberg and Villeneuve DGA's “Director's Cut” podcast is here.

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