Draymond Green may be disillusioned with Bob Myers and leave the Warriors

If there’s one person Warriors general manager Bob Myers absolutely hates to see leave the organization, it’s Draymond Green.

However, he is not alone. Golden State’s entire dynasty trio and majority of the organization are out of contract on June 30 and want to return to the organization next season.

In the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show” podcastThe Warriors forward responded to a report by The Athletic’s Shams Sarania and Anthony Slater on Wednesday that Golden State is „stirring up the possibility that Myers could walk away from the franchise.”

„It’s boring because again, Bob is one of the guys I’ve ridden with and I’ve been on this ride for 11 years and I try to deliver the championship every year,” Green said. „That’s what keeps us going, that’s what we’re all for. I don’t like that he might not be here. It’s frustrating.

„Number one, most importantly, I made a friendship with Bob Myers, even though he’s gone, and when I’m gone, we’re both not here anymore … and that’s a relationship that I’ve built that will last. For the rest of my life, I’ll have someone I can count on, someone I can count on.” , knowing that someone I trusted is not here, it’s sad. It hurts because I appreciate working with him every day for the last 11 years. The things he taught me.”

Myers and Green have a special relationship, and the four-time All-Star credits the two for open and honest dialogue, even during some of the toughest moments throughout the Warriors’ dynasty.

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„I think we all need people to hold us accountable in life, and he holds me accountable to a whole different level,” Green added. „He doesn’t hold me accountable (like) 'Oh, I’m the general manager of the team’ … that’s garbage. He holds me accountable as a man, he holds me accountable as a leader, he holds me accountable from a friendship standpoint. And I can’t be more grateful. Your life stinks.” It’s so important in life to have friends who are willing to hold you accountable, who are willing to say it sucks.”

Greene explains that Myers acted as a parental figure in solving some of the problems. It was never about one person, Myers fought with his players and worked with them to overcome any obstacle they faced.

„He’s going to give you the truth no matter what,” Green explained. „Me and my life is so big. We’ve all been in these positions. When you get to the positions we’re in, you don’t have people who are willing to tell you the truth … Me, my life, he’s one of those people who will tell me the truth in any situation. But almost like a parent, ’ Yes, that’s right, this is where you grew up – now we’re going to change how we are, how we’re going to fix it, I’m with you, I’m walking with you. Here’s our plan, here’s what we’re doing.

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ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Sunday, citing sources, that Myers is „torn” about the decision and plans to make up his mind over the next few weeks. The Warriors’ deal, if accepted, is expected to make him the highest-paid GM in the NBA, CJ Holmes of the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday, citing league sources.

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Myers, at least for now, has made no decision about his future, and there’s no indication that the outcome will be much. If he leaves the organization, Myers will be sorely missed by Green and many other Warriors players.

„So it’s really bad and, frankly, I hope something works out and Bob’s back here,” Green said.

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