Don’t look back! A golfer shows nerves on an iron off the tee as two men fight for the right to connect a few meters away.

By Andrew Prentice and Josh Alston for Daily Mail Australia

02:05 16 December 2023, Updated 02:07 16 December 2023

  • Two nearby snakes won’t let the golfer deny his tee shot
  • The man in question continued his round of the Queensland course
  • Two male pythons were fighting for mating rights

Golfers in Australia are known for their passion and rarely let Mother Nature interfere with their time on the green.

But you should always keep a close eye on your surroundings – unlike the fearless hacker on the Brisbane course recently.

In stunning footage that surfaced online recently, two male carpet pythons were captured meters apart fighting for the right to mate with a female.

The shot reptile didn’t stop the determined golfer, who swung hard and continued on his merry way.

In January this year, players at The Coast Golf and Recreation Club on South Sydney Beach were shocked to find a red-bellied black snake taking refuge in a hole on the second green.

Aussie After footage of a golfer (pictured above) casually playing a tee shot surfaced online, two male snakes are fighting for the right to mate with a female snake (pictured) just meters away.

Red-bellied snakes are venomous and account for 16 per cent of all snake bites in Australia, although they rarely leave humans alone.

That didn’t stop golfers from getting horrified when they inspected the hole during their round.

A golf club representative said the snake sought refuge from the summer heat and eventually walked away without intervention.

Everyone needs a break when it’s hot, even wildlife,” he said at the time.

A 4ft redbelly black hung around and watched a few groups arrive before moving on.

’All the golfers were happy to take the two putts they were given and go.’

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Footage of the venomous snake making itself at home has attracted hundreds of comments online.

’This is why I live where it’s cold. „I’d rather finish my tour than land in a hospital or stadium,” one replied.

In January this year, players at The Coast Golf and Recreation Club on Sydney’s south coast were shocked to find a red-bellied black snake taking refuge on a hole on the second green (pictured)
In 2016, Paradise Palms Golf Course in Cairns saw a python wrestling a wallaby in the middle.

’Finally a good excuse for missing the short film,’ posted another.

The scariest experience with a snake occurred in 2016 when golfers were horrified by a four-metre python at Paradise Palms Golf Course in Cairns.

What made the experience even scarier was that the giant reptile was busy enjoying a local wallaby’s lunch.

It halted play for about 30 minutes as the beast consumed the entire fairway of the golf course, much to the shock of the golfers.

Paradise Palms general manager Declan McCollum said while the experience may have come as a shock to the golfers, local pythons generally pose no threat to humans.

„The snake is not harmful to humans…. When it finished digesting the wallaby, it went back into the bush,” Mr McCollum said.

’The wildlife at Paradise Palms has always been an attraction for golfers and it is clear that it is well and truly thriving.’

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