Doctors explain how to avoid burning your retina during a solar eclipse

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — We're less than three weeks away solar eclipse.

But all that direct sunlight is putting your eyesight at risk, and Dr. Ellen Butts wants your eyes to stay healthy.

„Just as you wouldn't stare at the sun on a normal day, don't stare at the sun during an eclipse,” said Dr. Butz, director of the division of optometry and residency program director at the UPMC Vision Institute. „There are still glowing rays, and these are the most damaging rays.”

KDKA-TV's Megan Schiller spoke with Dr. Butz Eye protection tips On the new roof terrace in the company.

With the eclipse rolling in 20 days, Dr. Budz wants people to wear those ISO glasses throughout the eclipse and resist the urge to take them off when it gets dark.

„I don't take the risk. I don't even take the risk with kids. With kids, in general, I don't even take the risk of using lenses. There's a chance they'll look around the lens,” she said.

For children, a Solar Eclipse Pinhole Viewer.

„They are able to see a shadow image on a piece of paper without looking at the sun directly,” said Dr Butz.

But if you look directly at the sun without wearing brand new ISO glasses, you're at risk, Dr Butz said. Burns your retinaThis leaves a damaged, blurry area in the center of your eyes.

„It's really hard to tell a patient that we don't have any proven treatment,” Dr. Butz said. „And we can't say it's going to get better.”

Burning is one of the places on the path of perfection with the best view. State police said they were preparing for up to 250,000 spectators.

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Police said they expect large crowds at Presque Isle State Park, Erie and every location on Lake Erie.

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