Discover Vivoo's health innovations for rapid UTI testing at home!

Vivoo solution for rapid UTI test at home

In today's world where technology and health are increasingly intertwined, Vivoo has taken a step forward at CES 2024 by introducing its innovative urinary tract infection (UTI) testing kit for home use. The tool promises accurate results in minutes, but integrates a digital app to effectively and personally manage urinary health.

The Vivoo kit is designed to deliver Gold standard accurate results, allowing users to perform UTI testing in the comfort of their own homes. The procedure is simple: a special test strip is used, which after exposure to urine is scanned by the Vivoo app for almost instant results.

In case of a positive result, the application not only notifies the user, but also provides an opportunity to contact a doctor for appropriate treatment. This digital approach saves time and avoids confusion, making it easy for patients to share their results with healthcare professionals directly from the app.

UTIs are a major concern in women's health, affecting six out of ten women at some point in their lives. Vivoo solves this problem with its tool, which not only simplifies the diagnostic process, but also stores historical infection data, enabling effective treatment of recurrent and antibiotic-resistant infections.

Vivoo is no stranger to the health tech industry. Recall that last year, they presented a smart toilet device capable of analyzing health indicators through urine samples. Its commitment to innovation is reflected in the introduction of strips for measuring vaginal PH, which focuses on providing practical and effective solutions for health monitoring at home.

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