Discover ESA Live: Gateway to the universe of ESA for schools


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A A new streaming platform It is set to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts. Schools from all over Europe are invited to take this cosmic journey!

A new „edutainment” tool is poised to push the boundaries of traditional classrooms across Europe, offering an innovative way to spread knowledge about space and the European Space Agency.

This is Discover ESA Live, a “year-round” live streaming service aimed at disseminating ESA’s activities through interactive streaming sessions and gamified e-learning modules. With a major focus on junior and high schools, this tool has a very important mission: to bridge the gap between space and schools while playing, entertaining and engaging Europe’s youngest minds.

Following the success Find the ESA site Launched three years ago, this new streaming platform takes the concept a step further by turning themes into live streaming events. Discover ESA Live offers a series of seven fascinating events designed to take a deep dive into ESA’s wide range of activities and missions, including Earth observation, sending Europa to the Moon, space defense, improving life on Earth, building better instruments, and exploring. Understanding our solar system and our universe.

Discover ESA Live is a streaming platform; But it’s more than that. It’s a gateway to the universe, a tool to spark a passion for space exploration, one student at a time. A cosmic adventure awaits thousands of students across Europe.

Pique your interest and book a Discover ESA Live event Here at this link!

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