Disable this technology on your phone now: it can be dangerous

There was once a fear of Adverse effects will produce that Wireless technology. This happened with 3G and 4G, and there are theories that maintain it 5G causes damages in the people. However, there is no scientific study to prove this. Now experts say a Connection type That everyone has mobiles, And most users have it enabled by default, you can can be dangerous. Of course, it is not harmful to health, but Intimacy and privacy of users. This is about Bluetooth technology.

The reason? This is Wireless technology Can be used with Malicious intentions Given its high risk impact. Experts gathered Defcon ConferenceOne of the traditions Internet security Most important in the world, they concluded, is the easiest type of link to 'hack'.

A hyperconnected but vulnerable world

Bluetooth connects mouse to laptop and headphones to smartphone without the need for cables. With these cases in hand, conference participants pledged to stand with cybercriminals Adequate knowledge It is capable of identifying and hacking speakers and headphones. This way, you can Access conversations of users.

It does not mean that all devices are 'hacked'. Only cyber security experts warn Potential risk What is in this network? WirelessIt is several times cpassword to him Connecting and other security measures.

Really, when it comes down to it, I'd rather hear a conversation than a story More aggressive action such as Lock devices, without the user having any option to retrieve them. For all these reasons, experts recommend Turn off Bluetooth Whenever it is not used.

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Battery is the enemy

Another compelling reason Turn off Bluetooth Whenever possible, in addition to WiFi, because it uses Batteries of devices. They are not good things about one A hyper-connected world.

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