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In 2022, Diolio became the first mass market EVOO company in Spain to report the origin and traceability of its products bottle by bottle. This was done with the help of IBM as a technology partner, introducing an innovative unique QR code for each container, where consumers can discover all the secrets of the EVOO they received. By scanning directly with their mobile phones, it is possible to discover all the stages that a particular batch has passed, its origin, the olive varieties, the quality certification process, the flavors and the origin of the sustainable production of Maestros de. Oil hojiblanca. All this information is obtained through a certified database with IBM Food Trust Blockchain technology.

The journey of the oil from the olive tree to the table, available on the Spanish market in three varieties of Maestros de Hojiblanca EVOO from the 'Ode to our Land’ range, no. 5, no. 6 and no. 7. After this trial, the solution has been expanded to different brands in different markets like France and USA.

Implemented by a multidisciplinary team of raw material purchasing, quality, operations, marketing, IT, and legal departments, always in conjunction with IBM consulting. The process and parameter definition of the IBM Food Foundation, the design of the interface for the consumer, the integration of external partners and the adaptation of the packaging are important moments in this process.

IBM technology has introduced an innovative and advanced solution for this type of product in a very short period of time, taking into account aspects such as data of the entire value chain, unique, immutable and independent verifications, integration of key. Unique identification for suppliers and bottlers of olive oil.

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