DemoTrans: The Transition between Democratic Institutions and the Globalization of the Economy – Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development

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DemoTrans's main challenge is to explore this emerging politics and develop new approaches to re-embedding democracy and capitalism.

Researchers at UU will focus on organizational design of public procurement processes for sustainability and innovation as a way to make organizations more inclusive, responsible and environmentally sustainable. On the supply side, this includes improved market consultation and supplier engagement, the dynamic nature of intermediation, and methods and tools to ensure suppliers meet anticipated needs. As required, the UU will promote economic development through public procurement methods and tools. Public sector value cases include incorporating public interest into decision-making and using voluntary standards in tenders.

Overall, the theoretical and empirical research generated will make strong recommendations for promoting stronger democratic accountability and inclusion in economic processes. In this way, the DemoTrans project will have a significant impact on political, economic, social and scientific stakeholders and the general public.

Utrecht University provides sustainability, economic and legal expertise to the DemoTrans consortium. The project is an initiative of members of the Utrecht University Center for Public Procurement (UUCePP), namely: Dr. Anne Rainville, Assistant Professor of Innovation Studies, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Dr. Vitislav Title, Assistant Professor of Law & Economics, and Dr. Fredo Schodenus, Professor in Public Procurement Chair. In the Faculty of Earth Sciences, PhD candidate Belle Bergaud is leading the effort.

The project is funded by the Research and Innovation Action (RIA) under Horizon Europe and will run from 2022 to 2026.

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