December 28. We believe this

  • Xiaomi confirms that we have to wake up early: the event will take place at 7:00 am in Spain.

  • Li Jun assures that the presentation will focus on the technology of the electric car, not the product

It was Thursday, December 28, and it was time to get up early. what is that Lei Jun confirmed, founder and CEO of Xiaomi at X (formerly Twitter). With a simple image, they won't talk about the product specifically, but about all the technology that should permeate this electric car.

„Xiaomi EV technology launch Thursday at 2pm. Just technology, not products.” Namely: Introducing Xiaomi Electric Car Technology Thursday at 2:00 PM (GMT+8). Only technology, no products. With this simple information and picture, the CEO of Xiaomi has confirmed that the presentation of all the technologies for Xiaomi electric cars will be as and when.

As we see, we have to wake up early in the morning. 14:00 GMT+8 is 7:00am in Spain, so you'll need to wake up early to see first-hand all the Chinese company has to offer.

What we can expect from the presentation

The date of the presentation is confirmation (half) of the latest rumors Xiaomi electric car. The last thing we know is that the brand is preparing a related presentation which is expected on December 28th exactly. Lee Jun's tweet already confirmed this.

A lot of information about Xiaomi's electric car has surfaced over the months. If we talk about technology, Xiaomi has already presented a piece of technology that it wants to incorporate in its electric cars in August 2022.

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Then he focused on one area Driving aids, shows how the vehicle can search for parking completely autonomously and start charging the car automatically. In the video, a robot waits for a vehicle to arrive, waits for it to open a charging socket, and then starts filling the batteries.

The internal interface of the system that controls all the functions of the assisted driving systems and the detection of pedestrians or motorcyclists was seen.

We have to wait to know the mechanical details of the vehicle. Till now there are rumors that Xiaomi might launch different variants Batteries. Two of them will be LFP and will be supplied by BYD. The most powerful comes from CATL and its new Kiln batteries, which support 800 V charges and therefore, exceptionally short waiting times, reaching 80% charge in just 15 minutes.

from him Autonomy, talked about volumes of around 100 kWh. If true, this should mean the latest CATL batteries, as BYD's LFPs are more modest in number but more affordable to the buyer. With a battery of this size, 800 kilometer ranges were talked about, but we must remember that the Chinese homologation cycle is more permissive than the European one.

Finally, there is the question of whether Xiaomi will confirm some kind of collaboration with another brand that could offer its semi-autonomous driving systems. The simplicity of electric motors and the enormous importance of software have caused technology companies to understand that the electric car market is a good opportunity to sell their technology to other manufacturers.

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In Xataka | Xiaomi's long-awaited electric car revealed: first images and specifications of its approval in China

Photo | Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China

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