Dana White Confused About Funny Mistakes By Podcast Host For Joe Rogan: 'I Was Bald Before Joe!'

BJust ordinary people UFC Fans and people in the company don't know who they are Joe Rogan And It's Dana White Bitter heads. You probably know more than one person who thought those two were the same person, and there's nothing wrong with making a slight mistake. But confusing two of the most famous faces in the UFC during a popular podcast show is another matter entirely. To be fair, the wrongdoer was a sports journalist and podcast host Sage Steel. He has been covering the UFC for years ESPNShe knows what she's talking about.

Dana White furious at being called Joe Rogan in awkward podcast interview

Dana White reacts to being mistaken for Joe Rogan

But you know when your mother of many children tries to call you names and always gets you wrong? This is exactly what Sage Steele didn't do, and Dana White was a good sport about it. At a certain moment towards the end of the episode, Steele is confused Dana to Joe Rogan And White couldn't let it slide. He joked: „You thought I was Joe Rogan? She called me f****** Joe Rogan. You thought I was f****** Joe Rogan. [laughs]. I was bald before Joe was ever bald, right. We did a two-hour f****** podcast and I flew out of here [Las] Vegas, she thought she was interviewing Joe Rogan [laughs].”

It's a blessing for Steele, as opposed to a method of disrespect Dana White walked out Howie Mandel's podcast, He was actually a great game with Sage's fault. The rest of the interview was good, but White dropped one last trolling line at the end of the episode. Also, busy people like Sage Steele need less sleep and are tired all the time. This shows how important rest is for a professional like her. Next time, Sage Steele will make sure he's better rested than he was in this interview Joe Rogan. sorry, Dana White.

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