Crochet, burn, jig and more! Tallest Premier League Players


Nottingham Forest claim their new signing Carlos Miguel is 2.04m or 6ft 8in tall.


Peter Crouch, the Premier League’s most famously tall player, is believed to be 2.01m tall or 6ft 7in.


Costel Pantilimon, centre, who played for Man City, Sunderland and Watford, stands at 2.03m/6ft 8in. Another memorable tall player, Per Mertesacker, can be seen in the background


Remember Nikola Zigic? The former Birmingham player is believed to be over 2.02m tall or 6ft 7in.


Newcastle defender Don Burn stands at a towering height of 1.98m/6ft 6in.


Stefan Meyerhofer played nine times for Wolves. He is said to be 2.02 m / 6 ft 8 in tall


Thibaut Courtois, former Chelsea goalkeeper and PL champion, 2.00m tall or 6ft 7in


Golden Boot winner Erling Holland, reported to be 1.94m/6ft 4in, was one of the current Premier League players.


Lucas Bergstrom, the 21-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper, is said to be 2.05m/6ft 9in tall. He was capped by Finland but did not play a Premier League match


Kjell Scherpen is the Brighton goalkeeper on loan at Sturm Cross. He is 2.06 m/6 ft 9 in tall

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