Criminals in Arequipa are using technology for new types of fraud Edition

The city of Arequipa has seen a change in fraud patterns driven by the pandemic and technological advances. With the emergence of COVID-19, criminals have found fertile ground in technology and digitization to carry out their fraudulent activities in a more sophisticated and, unfortunately, more effective manner.

Frauds and Other Frauds Wing of the Criminal Investigation Branch (DIVIGRI). Cautions against frequent use Artificial Intelligence (AI) by fraudsters. During the pandemic, there was a 65% increase in the number of complaints about scams, as compared to before the pandemic, 5 to 10 complaints were received per day. There were 15 to 20 cases per month. This alarming increase coincides with the growth of fraudsters' use of technology.

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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) It has become prominent in fraudulent activities. It is estimated that at least 30% of scams are reported in Arequipa Last year was used to develop this technology Fake identities, copy and impersonate social media profiles Conversations with relatives of victims with the aim of creating confidence in the victims and persuading them to deposit money under false pretenses.

Among the emerging new types of scams Arequipa Mollendo has houses for rent, selling vehicles through fake pages and well known „The Voucher Story”. In addition, dating apps like Tinder are used as platforms for romance scams, where they trick people with promises of love and then demand money under false pretenses.

One of the new methods most used by criminals is the so-called Also known as „Love's Promise” or „Parcel Sending”.

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The last case of fraud was a 39-year-old woman who filed a complaint Fraud against Emily OsorioAfter a well-known victim „The Parcel Sent Story”. The victim reported that a total of 21,000 soles were lost as a result of this criminal scheme.

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According to the woman's story, it all started when she received a message on WhatsApp from a person who identified herselfo „James Andrew”. This dispatcher struck up a conversation with the complainant and established a relationship of trust that soon turned into friendship and affection. Subsequently, „James Andrew” He asked the victim for help in sending a parcel, saying that a transport company would contact her.

On the same day, the complainant received another message from +591 78428128, this time from a person who identified himself. „Olivia”, Said to be a worker belonging to a transport company called „STBL Services”. According to this message, a box is being sent in the woman's name, but to receive it she must pay S/ 3,000.00 into a bank account in the name of Emily Mabel Osorio Nunez. BBVA Continental.

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Hopefully, the complainant paid the same day and continued to coordinate the shipment. However, the transport company staff informed the victim that there was a problem with the parcel as it contained money. As a result, he was asked a S/ 18,000.00 surcharge as punishment.

However, the next day, the complainant realized that he had been victimized through a message A scam.

If you are a victim of fraud, the police suggest that you file a relevant report at the nearest police station or police station Division of Scams and Other Frauds of Divinity Legal action should be taken to prevent future cases.

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