5G, the technology that will set the tone in Colombia this year

In line with the above, Red Hat, an open source software provider operating in the country for more than 10 years, shares the following technical guide, which will be the protagonist for future companies.

  1. the cloud

Cloud adoption in the Colombian territory has experienced a continuous increase. Since 2015, the percentage of national companies that have migrated to this solution has increased significantly, which has allowed progress in an increasingly competitive landscape for the business sector, in addition to representing cost savings and a high potential for promoting innovation.

„The cloud is an ally of enterprises, but it must be used wisely. Traditional structures and operating systems can be obstacles to a successful migration, therefore, in order for enterprises to truly reduce costs and extract the full potential of this tool, it is necessary to analyze in advance to understand where and when to migrate. And how. .One of the solutions available in this format is, es Red Hat Cloud ServicesThe It modernizes the technology infrastructure based on an agile and secure strategy,” says Paolo Bonuzzi, Red Hat's SVP and general manager in Latin America.

  1. 5G

In 2023, an auction of fifth-generation 5G wireless technologies was held in the country, marking the definitive arrival of this mobile network to regional and national industries. As it spreads across the globe, organizations must take advantage of this revolutionary moment, which will provide greater connectivity, the opportunity to implement processes that simplify operations, and greater accessibility, among others.

Likewise, tools like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things will have a way to reach their true potential, along with business development-focused data analytics for decision-making. However, we should not ignore the potential risks to information and cyber security, which will be critical in the coming years.

  1. Cyber ​​security
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All major changes in technology must take into account the DevSecOps concept, which places security at the center of development. It will be very difficult for organizations to achieve true automation without IT security, efficiency and agility.

  1. Artificial intelligence

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the global artificial intelligence (AI) software market will grow to $791 million by 2026 at an annual growth rate of 18%. In Columbia and according to IBM, one in four companies report using AI for their business operations. This indicates the establishment of this tool as one of the main directions of technological evolution.

„The convergence of digital and physical will be increasingly common in applications under development such as augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of Things for business. AI and machine learning will be a great opportunity for companies looking to build intelligent applications. The Red Hat OpenShift AI product family includes OpenShift Data Science and „The Open Data Hub emerged from the community, accelerating the infusion of AI capabilities into applications, services and operations,” concluded Paolo Bonuzzi.

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