Costa Rica should maintain the good investment climate achieved in recent decades

QCOSTARICA – The ámara de Infocomunicación y Tecnología (Infocom) – The Chamber of Infocommunication and Technology, a respectable, but at the same time vigorous, calls on the government to maintain the efforts that have sustained the success achieved at the level of Costa Rica. Amid the uncertainty of attracting foreign investment, an agreement with the Coalición Costarricense de Iniciativas de Desarrollo (CINDE) – the Coalition of Costa Rican Development Initiatives – was dissolved.

La Papana Sur, west of San Jose

Infocom recognizes role and path A non-political, non-profit organization The results of CINDE over the past 40 years, attracting foreign direct investment to the country, creating employment and creating value for Costa Rica are evident; Thanks to the support of more than 400 multinational companies, it has created at least 180,000 direct jobs for Costa Ricans, not considering the contribution in terms of indirect and formal jobs.

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According to the Alliance’s data, Costa Rica is a knowledge-intensive economy that exports more than twice the average of countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and is home to 16 of the top 100 companies. Technology around the world.

Since 2022, CINDE has been promoting the chapter on connectivity with continuous efforts to increase its capacity, including prioritizing the development of digital infrastructure for connectivity, developing comprehensive solutions to close the digital divide and promoting the deployment of fiber networks. Take advantage of optics and an existing one.

„At a time when the country is facing important labor challenges and the world is increasingly competing to attract new investments, Costa Rica must strengthen its path to maintain a favorable environment for the arrival of new companies that promote national development,” said Mario Montero. Infocomm.

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Infocom believes that recent events have not undermined the good investment climate that Costa Rica has achieved in recent decades; Instead, both the authorities and the manufacturing sector must maintain a commitment to promoting successful public-private partnerships for the sustainable development of the country.

„At Infocom, we see the current circumstances as a great opportunity to revitalize the strategic relationship between Comex, Procomer and CINDE and innovate with a more powerful and effective model for the growth and digitization of our economy,” said Montero.

On Tuesday,= the government and CINDE representatives met for almost three hours and the result will be announced by the government Evaluate a new proposal from CINDE to determine whether to renew the contract.

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