„Corruption is never illegal, but permitted” – James Robbins

The British historian, James Robbins, has written a compelling article in The New Republic about the culture of impunity fostered by the Army’s Army Advocate General’s Corps, international law, titled „The Terrible Unit in the Israeli Army Is Not an Elite Fighting Force.” Dept. The department provides a „legal” justification for an „acceptable” kill rate of 15-20 civilians for each targeted militant. Robbins describes the IDF’s harsh methods as “Retaliatory relinquishment of control, a super-technological meltdown, the Palestinian presence…” Read the article here: newrepublic.com/…Algorithms driving Israel’s AI targeting software used in Lavender, Gospel and Worse Daddy are all based on the ILD’s sanctioned kill rate. He writes fervently „ILD’s rules of engagement are thinner than a composite sheet and as flexible as a plastic bag. The rules, by their permissiveness, have made every soul in Gaza a potential target, a potential victim, and the land itself a no-holds-barred zone.

Yet the Prime Minister and his War Cabinet can unhesitatingly attribute the high civilian death rate to the activity of an enemy hidden among the population, while Israel exercises its unlimited right to self-defense. For example, when an IDF missile hit the hospital, we were supposed to believe that the „enemy” was hiding under the premature nursery in Al-Shifa. Even our own NSC spokesman can say that the State Department has not found any violation of international humanitarian law that would merit a halt to the arms transfer.

The law of armed conflict in the US Army Field Manual, derived from the Geneva Conventions, is based on the principles of distinction, proportionality, military necessity, and unnecessary suffering. for knowledge, loacblog.com/…The atrocities in Gaza have violated all of these principles. Our failure to acknowledge this fact undermines the law and denigrates the criminal. As Robbins cautions, “Every time the Israeli military and the entire political edifice that supports it allows an atrocity, it stiffens itself and makes itself a prisoner of its own brutality. Stop now, before there’s nothing left to save.

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