Conceptual advancement of technology adoption in freight vehicles

The reform to the LGMSV, sent to the Senate for its constitutional implications, aims to reduce road accidents.

The Chamber of Deputies approved a proposal to gradually adopt technological innovations in goods motor transport vehicles to reduce road accidents on highways.

Purpose of Reform in Traffic and Road Safety General Law (LGMSV) is to improve road safety conditions through safety measures for the life and integrity of people while travelling.

A proposal to amend Articles VIII and IX and add Part X to the first paragraph of Article 5 of the Ordinance was approved with 434 votes in favor and sent to the Senate for its constitutional effect.

This document highlights that the objective is to improve road safety Proposes the use of sophisticated technological tools to control the speed, weight and dimensions of motor transport It should reduce road accidents.

This proposal Follows official Mexican standard 0125CT2201179, which specifies maximum weight and dimensional specifications for motor transport vehicles traveling on federal roads..

It also recognizes the need to update regulatory frameworks and incorporate new technologies in line with technological developments in the transport sector.

In this reformulation, the X fraction is:

Gradual adoption of technological innovations in transport systems, vehicles, fuels, energy sources and infrastructure will be encouraged to gradually improve road safety conditions.

In this regard, Noemí Berenice Luna Ayala, deputy of the PAN Parliamentary Committee, which presented the proposal, pointed out that the ruling seeks to strengthen control and security measures in cargo transportation.

„We are facing a serious problem of systematic violation of weight standards and actions that endanger road safety on the roads,” he said.

The legislator pointed out that excessive and poorly distributed load on transport vehicles poses a hidden threat to road users and increases accidents.

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„It is recommended to use new technologies to compel carriers to comply with norms related to measurements and weight of cargo they carry,” he said.

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