Colombia: Energy Transition Driven by Innovation and Technology

Colombia is moving towards a more sustainable energy future by adopting innovative technologies in the renewable energy sector. The transition towards a clean and efficient energy system has become a priority for the country with a focus on diversification of the energy matrix along with integration of non-traditional renewable energy sources and upgrading of existing infrastructure.

Colombia's potential in renewable resources such as solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy has positioned the country as an emerging leader in the renewable energy sector in Latin America. According to the 2023 Energy Transition Index, Colombia ranks sixth in the region out of 10 countries assessed for 2023, and highlights its commitment to transition towards sustainable energy systems.

Also, according to the report of the Association of Renewable Energy – SER in the projects for the period 2023-2024, significant progress is expected in the sector, with the implementation of 80 projects in 16 sectors of Colombia. The report specifically highlights the Caribbean region as a major beneficiary of these investments, accounting for close to 70% of the planned new installed capacity, reaching approximately 2,357 MW of the total planned 3,330 MW.

This panorama reflects an important challenge: current generation capacity is insufficient to meet the growing demand for electricity in Colombia. This discrepancy between demand and productivity is evident in the context of economic restructuring, where demand has grown at a rate of more than 4.4%, while growth in the productive park has been less than 0.8%.

To address this situation, the country has established the National Energy Plan, which projects the share of renewable energy to exceed 20,000 MW by 2050. This strategic approach reflects Colombia's clean and diversified energy future.

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In this context, Applus+ plays a key role in implementing innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy. „The [EN1] The acquisitions of Enertis, Barlovento and K2 underscore Applus+'s commitment to excellence in renewable projects. It enables us to offer complete services in the solar, wind, energy storage and environmental sectors,” said Juan Alfonso Poitaos, Country Manager of Applus+ in Colombia. „Our list of technical solutions includes the Enertis Applus+ Mobile Photovoltaic Laboratory, which provides highly accurate testing and inspection techniques for photovoltaic plants. provides, analyzes solar modules directly at the plant; Tools based on methods Data science allow efficient analysis and management of data from photovoltaic solar projects; and advanced inspection of wind turbines with autonomous drones designed with the latest generation technology to minimize infrastructure shutdowns,” he added.

These innovations will not only benefit the energy sector, but also promote sustainable development and environmental protection. By improving the efficiency of renewable facilities, you contribute significantly to reducing the carbon footprint and moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for Colombia.

It is important to consider the challenges that solar power generation presents because its intermittent nature produces less energy compared to other sources. This highlights the importance of greater investment and development of technologies in this area.

In summary, the path towards a more sustainable energy system in Colombia requires collaboration between the public and private sectors and continued investment in innovative technologies. With a focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability, the country is well positioned to lead the transition to a renewable energy-powered future.

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[EN1]I'll remove the word „recent” because the Enertis acquisition was 3 years ago.

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