China rejects supply of military technology to Russia

The Chinese government has criticized recent „baseless” allegations by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who last Thursday assured that the Chinese military was supplying Russia with military technology in its war against Ukraine.

Stoltenberg, in particular, „develops Russia's war economy, with which it shares high-level technology, and provides high-level resources from its satellite system, as well as capturing this type of imagery.”

„All this helps Moscow cause more death and destruction in Ukraine,” Stoltenberg declared during his visit to Germany. „China is a country that claims to want good relations with the West, while at the same time continues to fuel the biggest conflict seen in Europe since World War II, and cannot do both at the same time,” he added in his speech. Before the German-American Association Atlantic-Brook Forum.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenping criticized Stoltenberg's comments on Friday as „merely aimed at deflecting blame and stoking tensions against his country.”

„These are baseless accusations,” Wang added, before assuring that China was „not the originator or part of this crisis” and that his country was „committed to promoting peace and dialogue” in Ukraine.

The spokesperson stressed that China „does not supply weapons to parties in conflict and strictly controls any export of so-called „dual-use items”. Unmanned devices” can be used for both civilian and military use.

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