China reiterates support for UN’s central role in international affairs


China on Thursday reiterated its support for the important role of the United Nations in international affairs when senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi met with UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed in Beijing.

Wang, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said China, a founding member of the UN, has always firmly supported its cause.

China will always be a builder of world peace, a contributor to world development and a defender of international order, he said.

„We firmly support the important role of the United Nations in international affairs, firmly support and practice true multilateralism, and firmly uphold the basic norms governing international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” Wang said.

China is willing to work with the UN to jointly contribute to efforts to advance world peace, common development and the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

On her part, Amina said the UN appreciates and supports initiatives proposed by China such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the GTI.

To address global challenges, multilateral partnerships should be established, he said.

He added that the UN hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in various fields such as sustainable development and climate change.

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