Check out the cute and funny winners of The Nature Photo Contest

„Nature photography is a great way to raise awareness of how important it is to protect our planet.”


The Nature photography contest Announcing the winners of its first international award edition, it aims to bring together photographers of all levels to share the wonders of the natural world.

„Nature photography is a great way to raise awareness of how important it is to protect our planet,” the awards organization explains. „These international photography awards are an opportunity for photographers of all levels to showcase their work and share the wonders of the natural world.”

The competition is open to 10 categories: Landscape, Wildlife, Macro Photography, Funny Nature, Underwater, Birds, Plant Life, Nightlife, Environmental Impact and Sharing the Planet.

Photographer Glen Astle's „Sea Lion in Los Islands” was awarded Photography of the Year. (see below)

„Ostal's photograph captures the perfect moment when a sea lion appears to pose for him in front of a school of fish that creates an incongruous natural backdrop,” explained the judge.

„Not surprisingly, the naturalness of the animal and the complexity of the image perfectly illustrate the importance of our seabed and the maintenance of its species.”

The Photographer of the Year award went to Alain Schroeder „for his powerful and engaging images”.

„Alain Schroeder's photos stand out for his commitment to the environment, photos like the one that led him to win the „Sharing the Planet” category.”

It's also worth noting that this online photo contest makes good use of awards: „Each of the participants in our photo contest becomes a tree, and the winner of our contest decides in which country they should be planted.”

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So, in this first edition, Schroeder will be responsible for deciding where to plant approximately 400 trees.

Feast your eyes on the other winners of this first edition:

Natural landscape

Success: Marek Bielski – „Burning Flower”

„One of my favorite things about exploring Iceland is the incredible glacial river views from up high. They are called 'braided river' systems because they often resemble an intricate pattern, intertwined in an almost indescribable fashion.


Success: Soumya Ranjan Bhattacharya – „Stories in the Sand”

“Scorpion is widely distributed in different terrains of India. In the evenings in Jaisalmer, scorpions emerge through the hills for dinner. I captured this image of a scorpion on the sand dunes in Jaisalmer. The image was captured using a flashlight, which produced the lines of the dunes. The scorpion was illuminated by an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp.”

Macro photography

Success: Adrian Truchta – „The Dreamer – Philaeus Chrysops”

“Morning dew, sun and the beautiful Pelaeus chrysops female walks around her nest. Photo shoot in natural surroundings. Natural light.”

Funny nature

Success: Panisara Sripradhum – „Monday”


„A spotted owl (Athene brama) emerges from the hollow of a yellow flame tree located on a university campus. This species of owl is characterized by its small size, primarily nocturnal feeding behavior, and frequent occurrence in urban environments.”

Under water

Success: Yi Lin Cheng – „Tang”

„When the larval moray eel is threatened.”


Success: Alessio Galviani – „The Puffin in Iceland”

„A puffin walking on a cliff in Iceland.”


plant life

Success: Marcio Cabral – „Pandora”

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„This panorama shows the beauty of the Brazilian national park of Zapata dos Vadeiros, which offers rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. In the foreground stand out the white flowers of the rare Papalanthus, a plant species native to the region. They are illuminated by a scurion lamp to create contrast with the dark sky. In the background, the Milky Way mountains over bending, revealing the colors and shapes of stars and nebulae.”

Night world

Success: Mark Marco – „The Arches and the Cave”

„A panoramic night photo where I was able to capture the arc of the Milky Way passing behind the natural arch called Es Pontàs. In the photo, I was also able to capture a small cave in front of the arch.

Environmental damage

Success: Muhammad Hossain – „Weary Sleep”


„Many homeless people in Bangladesh have lost their homes and property due to frequent floods, river erosion and other natural disasters. They are forced to migrate to Dhaka city in search of a better future. These people have no place to take shelter in big cities. Their day begins on roads or boats in the hills and streets of nowhere. Practically The concrete-covered street and dirt mounds are a flower bed for these refugees, who have no identity, and live as hawkers, boatmen, laborers and other menial jobs.”

Sharing the planet

Success: Alain Schroeder – „Saving Orangutans 01”

“Sibolangit, SOCP Quarantine Center, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The entire SOCP team prepares Brenda, a 3-month-old female orangutan (she has no teeth yet) for surgery. An anesthetic is administered, the arm is shaved, her temperature is taken, and others hold the child's head or arm in compassion.”

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And finally, an extra one – a favorite here at Euronews Culture – „Oh my Tongue”, by Ashen Marasinghe, a finalist in the Funny Animals category:

To learn more about The Nature Photography Contest and their finalists, visit their website Here.


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