ChatGPT Can Power iPhone’s AI Chatbot: Report

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Apple It is said that they are negotiating with OpenAI About enabling some of the startup’s upcoming features using AI technology iPhone Later this year, Bloomberg reported on Friday. This comes about a month after reports surfaced that Apple had discussed using it with Google Gemini in iOS 18. One of the companies that wins the deal could gain a dominant position in the world of artificial intelligence.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference It’s about six weeks away, where the Cupertino-based company is expected to introduce new AI features for its iPhones. Bloomberg reports that it is in discussions with both Google and OpenAI to enable generative AI features for the iPhone. iOS 18 is also expected to include AI features developed by Apple, however, the tech giant has struggled to keep pace with the competition. According to the report, the iPhone maker is yet to make a final decision on which partner to use.

Apple was largely absent from the AI ​​conversation throughout 2023, and now it’s expected to release its first generative AI offering halfway through 2024. The company reportedly struggled internally to develop a product like ChatGPT. Employees say the in-house AI chatbot, called Apple GPT, is inferior to leading models on the market today. However, Apple recently canceled other internal projects to focus on its other AI efforts.

By relying on Google or OpenAI, Apple could avoid some of the major flubs that ChatGBT and Gemini experienced in launching their own AI chatbots. Gemini’s AI Image Generator Months after Google chose to suspend the feature, it continues to refuse to create images of any individual. However, Apple could rely more on a competitor by outsourcing its AI to Google or OpenAI.

An Apple partnership could give an AI provider a huge advantage. As for OpenAI, the startup has partnered with Microsoft and Apple to dominate the AI ​​world. For Google, this will renew faith in Gemini AI after a somewhat embarrassing debut.

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