Charli XCX Drops 'Speed ​​Drive’ Music Video From 'Barbie’ Soundtrack – Rolling Stone

Charli XCX Pink Out and Peeling Out in Her New Music Video Barbie Soundtrack song, „Speed ​​Drive.”

The new video, directed by Ramez Cilian, has a simple but apt concept: Charlie dances to the song as a hot pink sports car doing donuts. There’s even the occasional burning tire that rolls like tumbleweed across the industrial landscape. Also, Devon Lee Carlson makes a very online cameo, as well as a brief appearance by Sam Smith via video call, where he and Charlie discuss a new composition for a song.

„Speed ​​Drive” is the highlight Barbie, soundtracking a big chase scene involving Barbie and a cavalcade of Mattel executives. talking with Rolling StoneCharlie said he was drawn to the scene by his perennial love of fast car anthems (see: „Vroom Vroom”).

„I’ve always loved singing about cars,” he said. „For me, there’s this inherent connection between driving and music and you feel like a star when you’re in the car.”


Charlie was one of the first Barbie Record producer Mark Ronson was contacted to help with the project. The singer has always been a Barbie fan, noting that her „first live performance” was an a cappella rendition of Aqua’s „Barbie Girl.”

„My parents were like, 'Oh my God. No.’ They were so worried I was going to get up on stage and cry and it was going to be a disaster,” Charlie recalled. „But I was determined to do it. I sang it into the microphone with new music – the whole song – and I won the competition.

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