Cecabank and Kyndryl are strengthening ties to guarantee the support of the bank’s mainframe

Banking giant Cecabank strengthens ties with technology firm Kyndryl, thus strengthening its alliance in the technology sector. In particular, both companies A The cooperation agreement includes assistance for maintenance and modernization of systems Mainframe From the bank, the environment where core businesses’ applications reside. It is significant that an agreement has been reached between the two parties in this regard It is part of the implementation of the financial institution’s technology plan.

A road map revealed around three Strategic objectives: Optimizing the company’s business, creating efficiencies in the use of technology resources and improving operational resilience. To achieve this goal, one of the fundamental pillars is the transformation and modernization of the technological infrastructure, with the aim of increasing its resilience and efficiency.

Hence, contract with an IT infrastructure service provider to manage the environments Mainframe Strengthens the Bank’s commitment to cyber security, efficiency and sustainability. At the end of 2023, Cecabank purchased two servers Mainframe IBM z16; Since then, Kyndryl’s extensive knowledge and experience in the management and modernization of this technology has been „key” to reaching this deal.

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