CBN gov on tuesday economy, delegates engaging ministers

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, the House of Representatives will hold the second edition of its Sectoral Debates/Dialogues as part of its Periodic Policy Briefing Series.

The second edition, according to a statement released by House spokesman Akin Rotimi late Monday, “is billed for the Department of Finance and is scheduled to feature key stakeholders such as the Minister of Finance, Minister of Budget and Planning, the Governor, the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue.

Rotimi said this was confirmed by House Clerk Yahaya Tanzaria on Monday, titled 'Notice of Sectoral Discussions with Financial Stakeholders'. „Communication informs the Honorable Members of the dialogue, while encouraging them to prepare contributions that improve the quality of the debates.”

In November 2023, the Council began work on a series of sectoral discussions with security agencies.

As outlined in Agenda One – 'Strengthening Good Governance' of the House Legislative Agenda, the series is part of Tajuddin Abbas-led House's initiatives to promote transparency and accountability in government activities.

The discussion series has as its objectives „Strengthening Legislative Oversight of Key Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government” and „Promoting Smooth Legislative-Executive Relations for Good Governance”.

As the plenary session resumes for this year, he noted that the state of the economy is of great concern to the council, while stressing that the country is grappling with several obstacles that hinder growth.

“I am pleased to announce that House departmental briefings with MTAs will resume immediately. Accordingly, on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, we will engage with MTAs and key players in the financial sector.

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“This engagement will assess the readiness of the country to mobilize the necessary financial resources to implement the budget,” the Speaker noted.

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