Carlos Algarz has revealed that he wants to win gold at the 2024 Olympics

Carlos Algarz says he will choose 'dream' Olympic title over Grand Slam in 2024

Carlos Algarz is preparing to play his first tournament since the Australian Open this week, with the Spaniard revealing some of his goals for the season.

Following the world No.2's Australian Open quarter-final loss to Alexander Zverev, Alcazar bids to defend his title on the clay courts of Buenos Aires this week.

In her pre-match press conference, the Wimbledon champion was asked if she would rather win the title at the Paris Olympics or add another Grand Slam to her trophy cabinet this year, saying, “I would say the Olympic title.

„For me, it's a dream to bring a medal to my country, Spain, and winning gold is usually one of the biggest things that can happen to you in the world of sports. This year, if you gave me a choice, I'd say I'd have the Olympic gold… However I'd like to win both.

Algaraz continued to talk about some of his other dreams, including joining the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the history books, saying, “I'm a guy who dreams big. I am very ambitious and aim for the best in the world and the best in history.

„That's what motivates me to give my 100% every day and win tournaments. I'm a very competitive, very ambitious guy. I always want to win everything and that's what motivates me to keep training at my highest level and keep going to tournaments with the desire to win more titles.

He added, “Watching Djokovic, the players who are winning titles now, motivates me as much as them. Speaking of the 'Big Three', it encourages me to get closer to them.

The 20-year-old listed the aforementioned Djokovic and Australian Open champion Janik Sinner as his main rivals, saying, “I think Djokovic and Sinner are the rivals to beat.

“I have no doubt about it. Zverev wins head-to-head against me, he's a competitor I have a lot in mind, but right now I think Djokovic and Sinner are number one.

Algaraz will return to action this weekend against either Juan Pablo Varillas or Camilo Ugo Carabelli, after receiving a bye to the second round as the top seed.

Inside the basement…

Carlos Algaraz has all the potential to be one of the best in the game and has already written his name into the history books after becoming the youngest world No. 1 at the 2022 US Open. It is understandable why the Olympics are so important to him, compared to four Grand Slams a year, only once every four years. Paris will be even more special for Algarz as it will be his first Olympic Games and will be held at the historic grounds of tennis, Roland Garros.

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