Capital Relocation to Achieve Inclusive Economic Growth: Ministry

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Moving Indonesia’s capital to East Kalimantan is a strategy to achieve inclusive economic growth in the country, according to the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN).

„The relocation of the capital is a strategy to achieve inclusive and equitable economic growth that promotes Indonesia-centric growth,” Minister for Institutional Relations Deni Viduriandi said on Monday.

Viduriandi made the statement during an information campaign on Law No. 21 of 2023 regarding amendments to Law No. 3 of 2022 relating to the capital city.

He noted that in the National Medium Term Development Plan 2020-2024, relocation of the capital is a national priority.

So far, the government has made efforts to promote various activities in realizing the planning and development of the new capital, Nusantara.

The steps include creating an initial design, designing a master plan, creating a Nusantara Capital Commission, planning a budget and promoting the implementation of the process leading to relocation, implementation, development and management.

„We all hope that we can encourage the ongoing process to contribute to the rapid development of new capital,” he said.

He further noted that currently, the development of Nusantara is one of the national priorities in the 2025-2045 National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN), whose draft law is currently being discussed by the PPN Ministry and the House of Representatives (DPR). .

„The belief is that the growth of Nusantara Capital can be an area that we support collectively, and in the long-term development plan, it is one of the top priorities, or this period is a game-changer,” he said.

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As a game changer, Nusantara is expected to become part of the national economic transformation initiative in the future to promote and drive the Indonesian economy in achieving the vision and goals of 2045 Golden Indonesia.

„So, it’s a continuing priority and it’s already (included) in the document,” he said.

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Translated by: Martha Herlinavathy, Raga Adji
Editor: Thea Mudiyasari
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