Canadian GP: Charles Leclerc says it’s 'worrying’ Ferrari’s 'very bad’ feeling in car unknown | F1 news

Charles Leclerc said Ferrari was unable to identify problems with his car, which resulted in early qualifying at the Spanish GP; Leclerc isn’t expecting a big step up at this weekend’s Canadian GP; You can watch the Canadian GP live on Sky Sports F1 over the weekend

23:24, UK, Thursday 15 June 2023

Charles Leclerc has admitted it is „worrying” not to know the cause of the car problems that caused Ferrari’s Q1 exit in Spanish GP qualifying.

Leclerc finished 19th at Barcelona, ​​plagued by handling problems, particularly left-hand corners.

Ferrari changed the entire rear of its car ahead of the race – in which Leclerc finished P11 – but revealed it had failed to find a cause for its problems ahead of this weekend’s Canadian GP in Monaco.

„Qualifying in Barcelona was a very specific one, I think I’m not the only one struggling. We have to understand these things, we don’t have reasons for now,” Leclerc said on Thursday.

„It’s a little more worrying, and that’s where we have to push and try to understand the reasons, because the feeling was so bad.”

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was frustrated after failing to qualify for Q2 in Barcelona, ​​finishing 19th at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Leclerc’s team-mate Carlos Sainz kept his Ferrari on the front row in Spain, but the Ferrari lacked race pace and finished the Grand Prix in fifth place.

Ferrari have secured a podium finish in 2023 and are fourth in the constructors’ championship, already 187 points behind leaders Red Bull. Leclerc meanwhile finished seventh in the drivers’ championship with 42 points.

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The Scuderia were announced as title contenders in pre-season and Leclerc has urged the team to bring updates to the well-performing SF23 as quickly as possible.

„Overall, I think all the teams are not satisfied with the performance we are showing at the time on the track and it is far from the expectations at the beginning of the season,” said Leclerc.

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„Looking forward, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ has has has has has has has has has has has has has has has has has to has a lot more to do with the speed of the race.

„Even though I struggled a lot in qualifying on Saturday, Sunday wasn’t great – if we look at Carlos he had a great Saturday and then on Sunday we struggled again with the race pace. That’s where we try. Push this time.”

Leclerc reiterated that he still has faith in Ferrari’s plan: „What gives me hope is that we have a clear direction of where we want to work and improve, and that’s what makes me believe in the plan.”

Leclerc is not expecting miracles this weekend

Sky F1’s Karun Chandok looks at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Leclerc’s problems in Spain led to their major upgrades to the Ferrari SF23 in the first weekend, and while he thought the team would have an improved display in Montreal at a track better suited to their car, the 25-year-old was not. Expecting great progress.

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„We don’t have anything new at this track, so I don’t think we will have any miracles. But we have to try to maximize our package and understand this package and set up the car to maximize it. .

„In Spain we were very easy out of the window and then we lost a lot of performance. We learned a lot and we are sure that we will be in a better place this weekend, but I don’t think it will be a big step forward.

„Last year[when Ferrari finished second and fifth]we were in a very different situation. We expect Aston Martin to be very strong this weekend. We expect Red Bull to be very strong this weekend. We struggle to understand where Mercedes will compare[whenFerrarifinishedsecondandfifth)wewereineverydifferentsituationWeexpectAstonMartintobeverystrongthisweekendweexpectRedBulltobeverystrongthisweekendwestruggletounderstandwhereMercedeswillbecomparedtous[ஃபெராரிஇரண்டாவதுமற்றும்ஐந்தாவதுஇடத்தைப்பிடித்தபோது)நாங்கள்மிகவும்வித்தியாசமானசூழ்நிலையில்இருந்தோம்இந்தவாரஇறுதியில்ஆஸ்டன்மார்ட்டின்மிகவும்வலுவாகஇருக்கும்என்றுநாங்கள்எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம்இந்தவாரஇறுதியில்ரெட்புல்மிகவும்வலுவாகஇருக்கும்என்றுநாங்கள்எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம்மெர்சிடிஸ்எங்குஒப்பிடப்படும்என்பதைப்புரிந்துகொள்ளநாங்கள்சிரமப்படுகிறோம்எங்களுக்கு[whenFerrarifinishedsecondandfifth)wewereinaverydifferentsituationWeexpectAstonMartintobeverystrongthisweekendweexpectRedBulltobeverystrongthisweekendwestruggletounderstandwhereMercedeswillbecomparedtous

„We have to focus on ourselves and try to increase our collection. It’s a very challenging track and with the weather, we don’t know which way it’s going to go. We have to focus on ourselves and see what we can do. .”

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Sky Sports F1Live Canadian GP Schedule of

Friday 16 June
6pm: Canadian GP practice one (session starts at 6.30pm)
7.45pm: F1 show
9.45pm: Canadian GP Practice Two (Session starts at 10pm)

Saturday 17 June
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8pm: Canadian GP qualifying build-up
9pm: Canadian GP Qualifiers
11 pm: Ted Qualifying Notebook

Sunday 18 June
5.30pm: Grand Prix Sunday Canadian GP build-up
6:55 PM: Grandstand with Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett (via Red Button)
7pm: Canadian Grand Prix
9pm: Checkered flag Canadian GP reaction
10pm: Ted’s Notebook

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