Business News | India to Finland Tour: Lestock World Making Northern Lights Dreams Come True for Travel Enthusiasts

India to Finland Tour: Lestock World Making Northern Lights Dreams Come True for Travel Enthusiasts


New Delhi [India], December 8: LestacWorld, an innovative travel startup founded by Indian travel enthusiasts, is shaping how Indians experience Finland. Founded in 2015, the company has rapidly expanded its reach from its roots in India to establish sites in the US and Indonesia.

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Lestakworld aims to bridge the gap for Indian travelers interested in exploring Finland by offering affordable and accessible tour packages. Co-founder Adit Sarin emphasizes the daily challenges Indian travelers face when planning a tour to Finland from India. To address this gap, LestacWorld began catering to the Indian market, simultaneously operating for US and Indonesian travelers, offering its services globally.

Adit added that users from all over the world are booking directly from their website. Customers visit the website and communicate their needs through chat. All their queries are instantly resolved by implementing advanced technology and sharing a personalized quote.

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Ruchita Bhatt, another co-founder of LestacWorld, underlines the company’s commitment to industry expertise, a local presence in Finland and a user-friendly website targeting global customers in their respective currencies. The company has a legally registered status, with teams operating in the US and Indonesia and a dedicated local customer support team in Finland that can be reached at (+358 45 73962900).

LestacWorld’s success stories are not just claims, but are echoed by testimonials from satisfied customers like Rohini Puttu.

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Rohini, an IT professional from Bengaluru, shares with LestacWorld her transformative experience exploring a tour from India to Finland, breaking the misconception that extreme Finnish winters are insurmountable for South Indians.

The journey began when Rohini and her husband searched for a unique travel destination, attracted by the allure of the Northern Lights. Despite initial hesitations, they discovered LestacWorld through a couple who had successfully toured Finland from India. The couple, Ramanujan and Ritu, provided valuable insights and recommended Rohini to Lestock World.

The search for a reliable travel agency intensified as Rohini received quotes from several vendors. Enthused by the target’s knowledge and customer-centric approach, Rohini rejoined LestacWorld.

A 90-minute one-on-one call with Lestacworld’s Executive provided detailed answers to Rohini’s questions:

– Best time to visit Finland for northern lights.

– Best time to visit Finland from India.

– Consider the Scandinavian area in the itinerary.

– Schengen visa possibilities.

– Iceland vs Finland for the Northern Lights.

– Estimated costs for the tour including flights.

– Transport methods within Finland.

Rohini and her husband chose LestacWorld for a tour from India to Finland at a reasonable quote of INR 3,95,000 per person, inclusive of flights, accommodation, transport and curated experiences like husky rides and icebreaker tour.

The meticulously planned itinerary included visits to Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kemi and more, culminating in an unforgettable trip that exceeded their expectations. Finn Air made their trip easy, with accommodations ranging from Holiday Inn Helsinki City Center to Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos and Scandic Kemi.

Rohini concludes her testimonial by expressing her newfound love for Finland and recommending LestacWorld to anyone looking for a relaxing and enriching Finnish adventure. Lestock World is the gateway to an unforgettable experience for those who want to see the Northern Lights.

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For more information, please visit:-

Or connect with them – +91-91460-96727

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