Business cards with NFC technology are an innovative evolution

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows quick and convenient wireless communication between devices.

For this to work, the two devices must be less than 15 centimeters apart.

It is a contactless technology that works for making and receiving payments and sending and receiving information. Also, it can be used NFC business cards With a chip.

More and more companies and people are using this tool to improve their business. In this sense, Intellectual Securely offers the creation and design of these cards to companies and freelancers.

Business Cards with NFC Technology: What Are They and Why Use Them?

As technology advances, companies must innovate and use new tools to their advantage. Among the new alternatives, business cards with NFC technology stand out. With them, it is easy to transfer contact information to the smartphone of a person interested in business. This way, there is no need to manually enter potential customer information. Simply touch your phone to the card and the data will be transferred in seconds.

In addition to simplifying part of the traditional negotiation process, these types of cards can save you money in the long run. It is essential to have business cards handy while doing business. This leads to avoidable fixed costs. The investment in this style of card is only made once, therefore, it is considered an environmentally friendly option as it does not use paper. It can even be made from a biodegradable material..

NFC business cards manufactured by Knowee

Knowee is a company that bets on new technologies. Its aim is to contribute to creating a paperless world. In this sense, they are responsible for creating business cards with NFC technology. Anyone who wants to have their own card can choose from 40 available designs or customize it with specific information, social networks, colors and more.. Depending on the plan chosen, photos, videos and even additional content can be added.

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Novi cards are made of BioPVC material (certified biodegradable plastic) and printed with UV ink. If properly preserved, its quality will withstand years of use. The company also has an application called Knowee Card Holder where you can scan and organize all the paper cards received. This way, it can be organized in a better way. This cardholder can be synchronized with the CRM used by the user's company to allow effective management of data received and sent.

Even if they are small steps and changes, NFC business cards are bringing companies closer to the future of business.


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