Bookseller – Rights – Hardy Grant buys Landin’s Fish Butcher book

Purchased by Hardy Grant Fish Butchering: Catching, Cutting and Mastering the Craft By Josh Niland, scheduled for release on 21 September 2023.

Managing Director Roxy Ryan acquired the world rights from Monica Brown at LOTUS International.

The publisher said: “James Beard Award-winning author and culinary game-changer Josh Niland returns with the definitive guide to the art of fish butchery, with expert techniques and exciting recipes.

“Josh’s multi-award winning introduction The Complete Fish Cookbook It created a new blueprint for fish cooking, while its best-selling sequel Take a fish 15 different species were opened to reveal their true gastronomic potential. In this latest book, Josh opens our eyes to the potential of fish in the kitchen with 40 captivating recipes.”

Niland said: “I’m really excited to be publishing my third cookbook Fish butcher shop With Hardy Grant, my work continues to be successful and recognizes the importance of urgent change in the global fish industry. My aim with this book is to create a workable system that allows families and individuals to conveniently access accessible fish foods, and further extend the utility of a fish; Look beyond the fillet.”

Ryan added: “We are delighted to be releasing another game-changing book from Josh Niland. Fish butcher shop It is the culmination of Josh Niland’s life’s work and philosophy and seeks to disrupt, inspire, challenge and inspire the next generation.

„He has proven himself a true visionary in the culinary world and has risen to global prominence with his innovative ideas about how we cook and eat fish. His new book promises to be another bestseller with its stunning design-led collection.

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