Blondie was on the first cover of which magazine in 1978? Saturday Quiz | Quiz and trivia games


1 In which 1951 novel does the word „phony” occur 35 times?
2 Which type of mammal does not have a stomach?
3 Which 1913 exhibition introduced America to modern art?
4 Blondie was on the front cover of which magazine in November 1978?
5 Which device is often marked as PRNDL?
6 Which Swiss psychiatrist developed the My Flat test?
7 Bandi is the creator god in which Caribbean religion?
8 Which drink has been sold by the Blandy family for over 200 years?
What links:
LB Jeffries; Peter Parker; Laura Tuesday; Jimmy Olsen?
10 Clare Hall, Cambridge; Byker Wall, Newcastle; Ark, London?
11 390BC; 410; 455; 546; 1084; 1527?
12 Katharine Hepburn; June Allison; Winona Ryder; Saoirse Ronan?
13 Blackie; the dome; dry dock; the peak; schedule; the wedge?
14 Google; Cisco Systems; Hewlett Packard; Capital One; Nike?
15 Gilded casket; Frederick, Duke of York and Albany; Horatio Nelson?

Tested with Inkblot Glue? Photo: Science & Society Image Library/SSPL/Getty Images


1 Catcher of Rye.
2 Monotremata (Monotremes: Platypus and Echidna).
3 Arms Exhibition.
4 Smash hits.
5 Car's automatic gearstick.
6 (Hermann) Rorschach.
7 Haitian Voodoo.
8 Madeira wine.
9 Imaginary Photographers: Rear Window; Spider Man; Laura Eyes of Mars; Superman.
10 Designed by architect Ralph Erskine.
11 The sacking of Rome.
12 Jo March starred in the Little Women films.
13 Types of glaciers.
14 Major US Companies Founded by Stanford University Alumni
15 Sit atop London Columns: Monument; Duke of York Column; of Nelson.

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