'Johnny Keep Walking' on Unchanged Schedule

Fish out of water comedy „Johnny Keep Walking” topped the box office in mainland China in its fifth weekend of release. The top five titles were unchanged from the previous week.

„Johnny,” in which a man from the countryside struggles to hold down a corporate job in a big city, earned $12.1 million (RMB86.2 million), according to data from consultancy Artisan Gateway. That's another good haul after the film's $15 million fourth weekend. The total for „Johnny” is now $155 million (RMB1.10 million).

The Hong Kong-made action comedy „Rab 'n' Roll,” starring Aaron Kwok, Richie Jen and Lam Ka-tung, took second place but fell 56% with $5.3 million over the weekend, down from $12.1 million. million.

Another Hong Kong-made film, „The Goldfinger,” was third with $3.5 million. Its total since its release on December 30 is $71 million.

Jason Statham-starrer „The Beekeeper” was fourth in China with $1.9 million. It grossed $12.9 million after 17 days of release.

„Follow Bear for Adventure,” which opened ahead of „The Beekeeper,” was fifth. It earned $1.5 million for $10.5 million.

Nationwide, theaters grossed $32.1 million, the highest weekend mark since mid-November. The figure reflects a lack of new release titles hitting the market, which may continue until the Chinese New Year holiday in mid-February.

Artisan Gateway reports a box office total of $346 million so far this year. But since the holiday season is in late 2024, year-over-year comparisons have little meaning at this point.

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